Yamini Dental Questions & Answers

Ideally 3-5 minutes of gentle brushing using the correct technique is enough for good effective cleansing of teeth.
Unknowingly some people brush for prolonged periods and in an improper method.
It is often advisable to see your dentist atleast once in a year, if not in 6 months and seek opinion about your oral health status.
Treatment of a mobile tooth depends on the severity of mobility.In teeth where the mobility is mild it can be splinted together taking support of adjacent healthy teeth by using a wire and a tooth coloured material.Extraction is the only option for teeth with severe mobility.
Yes, it is mandatory to place cap over the treated tooth because after RCT the tooth tends to become more brittle and may easily break away.

Cashless Dental Treatment for   Govt. EmployeesA.P Police Dept. Employees using E.H.S Scheme & Arogya Bhadratha Scheme

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